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Security Deposits

The calculation of the Security Deposit is 2 months electricity bills and the formula is: 
(Average monthly consumption based on the latest 3 months electricity consumption) multiply by (The current regulated tariff)  multiply by (2 months)

Residential customers* – In the event that no historical billing information is made available to Diamond Electric, the security deposit will be as indicated below:

*Currently security deposit is waived for residential customers when they sign up to Diamond Electric's plans

Business customers – In the event that no historical billing information is available, kindly contact our customer service hotline at

6-DIAMOND (6342-6663).

Schedule of Third-party rates

DescriptionRateUnitParty Charged To
EMC Charges
Energy Market Company Administration Charges (EMC Fees)variable$ / kWhDiamond Electric
Power System Operator Administration Charges (PSO Fees)variable
Hourly Energy Uplift Rebate (HEUR)variable
Monthly Energy Uplift Charges (MEUC)variable
Allocated Regulation Price (AFP)variable
Uniform Singapore Energy Price (USEP)variable
Transmission Use-of-System Charges
Peak Period Charges $                                     0.0568$ / kWhDiamond Electric
Off Peak Period Charges $                                     0.0427
Recurring Market Support Service Charges
Meter Reading and Data Management $                                         2.33$ / meterDiamond Electric
Market Development and Systems Charge $                                0.004263$ / kWh
Retail Settlement Uplift  $                                0.001217$ / kWh
Telephone Line Subscription used for Remote Meter Reading (if applicable)Fixed Line: $13.38/month
GSM Line: $16.05/month
$ / accountConsumer
Value Added Services
Paper Bill (if applicable)$1.07$ / billConsumer
AMI Installation Fee (if applicable)$42.80$ / meterConsumer
Other Charges
GIRO Admin. Charge per GIRO Rejection$1.07$ / timeConsumer
Credit/Debit/Cheque Admin. Charge per Payment Rejection $5.35  Consumer
* Please note the above rates are inclusive of GST   

*Electricity tariffs are regulated by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and are revised every three months. The current regulated tariff is 22.79 cents/kWh without GST and 24.39 cents/kWh with GST (1 April to 30 June 2019) 


Please view Terms & Conditions here.


Early Termination

The formula to calculate the early termination penalty is:

(50% of the average monthly bill based on the last 3 months’ bills) multiply by (number of unfulfilled contract months)


Supposed your last 3 months bills is $90, $140 and $130. Your average monthly bill is $120. 

You have 3 months remaining in your contract, when you want to proceed with an early termination, the amount is:

50% x ($120) x 3 months = $180


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